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Title: As Red Eyes Stare Through The Night
Pairing/Characters: YunJae, Yoochun, Changmin, Junsu
Rating: R
Warning: Character deaths (just minors..; do I need to warn for already dead characters?), Violence
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me except of the story idea.
Summary: Jaejoong was torn out of his own quiet world when he saw someone else take away a life for the first time. That was the start. Now, as he kills people for a living, he finds out more about his past than he had ever wanted.

Jaejoong stashed his stuff into his back. Wind was blowing in from outside. The fresh air that came in was making Jaejoong feel better about everything, but he still wished he had some soju to drown the reality in it.

"Don't be so harsh with yourself," the black-winged kite said. It sat on the bed watching Jaejoong closely.

"Shush now," he whispered as he closed his bag and hung it over his shoulder. His weapons were already hidden under his clothes when he went towards the window and put the rifle he had burrowed from the room a few doors down the hallway over his shoulder as well. He looked down and then climbed on the window sill. He carefully planned his way down, before starting on it with a jump towards the tree nearby. He was able to hold onto a branch and pulled himself up before climbing down the tree without any trouble. His shoulder let him move almost completely freely.

"Come on now," Jaejoong prompted and the kite followed. He ran around the house until he found the room he was looking for. A small office. In there, Jaejoong was sure, lay Yunho's keys. Jaejoong hadn't much time. He needed to hurry. With his gun, he broke the window and entered the room. The keys were on the desk, Jaejoong just grabbed them quickly before running towards the black car.

He jumped in and started the engine to drive off north.

In the distance he heard shouting over the engine, but he ignored them.


It took Jaejoong a few hours untill he had reached Seoul. He parked the car in front of Junsu's home. Here, he would start.

He rang the doorbell and waited. A minute went by before Junsu opened the door.

"Jae!" he was about to shout when the other one held his hand over Junsu's mouth.

"Shh," he hissed and pushed the other one swiftly back inside before closing the door. "You are alive." Junsu seemed earnestly happy as he hugged Jaejoong.

A smile came across Jaejoong and he hugged back. He had missed his friend.

"What were you thinking when you told Yoochun about me and my old friend?" he asked in annoyance though. His eyes were piercing through Junsu's.

Junsu bit his lip. "I'm sorry about that. I was supposed to tell him what you were up to. If you were happy, or sad and so on," he admitted.


"I'm not sure. I think it had something to do with someone else. I think his name was Jung Yunho."

A sigh escaped Jaejoong's lips. He didn't want to think about the mess of who spied out who and who betrayed who.any longer.

"Do you know him?"

"Yeah, he kinda..was my ex," explained Jaejoong with a shrug.

"He? I didn't know you were..gay," Junsu said, surprise washed over his face and a smile grew on his lips. Jaejoong had forgotten that Junsu didn't know. Actually, not many people knew, but that was because Jaejoong usually talked business with them and not about his private life.

"Well, yes, I am."

Junsu's smile widened more as he eyed his friend. "It's nice as long as you are happy," he said and Jaejoong knew it was sincerer. It made his heart swell. "Thank you."

"So, eh, anyway, why are you here? Do you need anything?"

"I want to kill our boss," he announced.

This was the actual shock for Junsu. "What do you mean?"

"He did some bad stuff he shouldn't get away with," Jaejoong simply said.

"Okay, wait, wait a sec, you mean..taking him out. Our boss, wow, alright."

"Junsu, don't be like that. He has to die. Do you know where he is? When will he be in his office?"

"I think for the rest of the week he will be there, the whole day. He resumed his work as if nothing happened after you and Yoochun and all that mess," answered Junsu, though he looked numb.

"Thanks. Can I stay the night?"

"Yeah, sure," mumbled Junsu as he turned and got blankets for the couch.

"Junsu, listen, okay, I know you don't like it, but I will tell you something that you can't tell anyone else, alright?" Jaejoong waited for Junsu to nod before he continued. "He was the one who attempted to kill the president. He also is responsible that Yunho had to spend the last few years running for his life."

"He wanted to kill our president?" Junsu repeated, dumbfounded.



Jaejoong spent the next day looking for the perfect spot from where he could look into his boss' office. He eventually found it. A building on the other site of the street.

The black-winged kite sat on his shoulder as Jaejoong carried the bag with the special rifle and the ammunition. It was easy to get into the building. It was an apartment building, so no one paid him any attention. He reached the apartment he needed to get in and knocked.

An old man opened the door. "Hello? Can I help you?" he asked, his voice sounding slow and weak.

"Ah, good day, sir. I recently moved in next to you. I wanted to introduce myself, I'm Kung Chihun and I brought some pie. Can I come in?" Jaejoong requested with a bright smile on his lips.

"Oh, what a kind young man you are. Of course, of course," said the old man and invited him in without further ado.

Jaejoong felt a little sorry as he closed the door behind himself and started to tie the man to his own bed, making sure the scarf was covering his mouth, so that he couldn't shout for help.

The man, of course, didn't look as happy anymore. "I'm sorry. I need to do something now, but I won't hurt you," Jaejoong tried to assure him.

Then, he went to the window and was relieved to have a perfect view of the company. "Perfect, don't you think," he asked the kite on his shoulder.

"Yeah, it is. You just need to hit him now," it said as Jaejoong assembled the rifle. He took out some ammunition from his small bag and loaded it. The next few minutes he aligned it with his victim.

He waited, let his boss sit down, waited some more, and then he pulled the trigger. Once, twice, three times, to be sure.

"You did it," the kite said aloud what Jaejoong thought.

The man in the office fell to the ground. Jaejoong had succeeded. He quickly dismantled the rifle, before stashing everything back into his bag. He unfastened the ties and was just about to leave when a thought hit him. "What if he talks? He surely will."

"You mean take him out as well?" the kite asked, almost sceptically.


The man's eyes widened as Jaejoong pulled out his knife. "Please don't. Sir, please," he begged, but Jaejoong ended that with a quick slash through the old man's throat.

Afterwards, he left.


When he arrived at the ground floor, he saw that an ambulance and the police were already there through the window. The latter was even about to secure the area, maybe trying to find the killer already.

"Shit." A policeman was regarding the building Jaejoong stood in. It indeed was the perfect location. Jaejoong quickly hid the rifle behind an old desk in the hallway before turning back to find a window on the other side from where he could jump out. He was lucky though, because after climbing the stairs back up, he found a fire escape that didn't let him come down where the police already was but instead at the back of the building. He tried the door, but it was locked, so he just broke the glass with his gun, before jumping down the stairs.

As soon as he arrived at the street, he started to run as fast as he could. He managed to escape that area and hide in the crowd. He finally turned away and walked along some secluded streets to get further off their radar. That was until a big silver car stopped next to him. He ducked away and was just about to pull out his gun when the door opened and Yunho pulled him onto the backseat, sitting down next to him there.

Jaejoong tried to protest, but Changmin was already driving off.

"What the fuck, Jae!" exclaimed Yunho in disbelief.

Jaejoong didn't answer.

"Whose blood is that?" Yunho asked as he looked at Jaejoong's gloves and pulled them off.

"Don't ruin the backseat, you!" warned Changmin with a dangerous voice, so Yunho just laid them on his pants.

"How did you find me?" Jaejoong eventually asked with a look to Yunho. "It was quite obvious what you were about to do, so we went after you. We lost you though, so we just waited near the company for you," said Yunho with a soft smile.

"Are you crazy? You shouldn't be this close to that man," muttered Jaejoong, angrily staring into Yunho's eyes.

"I totally agree with you there, but unfortunately, someone couldn't let you get killed either," said Changmin with a sigh as if that was the most exhausting sentence he had said in a long while.

"I wouldn't have. It wasn't my first kill after all," reminded Jaejoong, but Yunho ignored him as he rubbed at Jaejoong's wirsts, trying to remove the blood from the part that the gloves hadn't covered. When he was satisfied enough, he pulled the other one into his arms. "Thank god you are unharmed," he mumbled to himself.

Jaejoong closed his eyes. The warmth felt nice. It made him feel cared for and protected. Something only his kite usually made him feel.

Changmin drove the car to a hotel near Mungyeong. As he took a look at the back, he saw that Jaejoong was asleep in Yunho's arms who was snorring softly as well. Even though he still didn't like Jaejoong, he knew that Yunho loved him dearly.

"Hey, you two, let's get inside and you cleaned up." The last part was directed at Jaejoong, before he added, "I quickly check us in. To stay in a hotel tonight is safer." Yunho nodded as he untangled his arms from Jaejoong's. They made sure to look presentable to at least rush through the lobby towards the stairs for their room before following Changmin silently.

Yunho took care of Jaejoong, washing him and exchanging the bandage from his shoulder. Jaejoong only felt the tiredness pulling him down into a darkness. He just wanted to sleep.

He barely realized that Yunho was carring him to a bed, before he was off to dreamland.


When Jaejoong woke up in the morning, he was surprised to find Yunho soundly asleep next to him with his left arm over Jaejoong's chest. Damn, that was something Jaejoong had definitely missed all this time. Yunho didn't know that he was awake, so Jaejoong just snuggled a little bit closer before falling back asleep.

"Good morning sleepyhead." Yunho's soft voice woke Jaejoong up. He slowly opened his eyes just find that they were still cuddling. "Sorry, is this too much?" Yunho immediately asked, but Jaejoong just hugged him. "I missed you, too," he whispered against his skin. "I don't mind."

"What about a kiss?" Yunho asked quietly as he looked up into Jaejoong's eyes.

Jaejoong bit his lip thoughtfully, although he couldn't prevent a smile from showing. Yunho took that as a yes and leaned up to peck Jaejoong's lips.

"Do you think we could go back to how we were before?" he asked with a sigh.

Jaejoong let his head fall back into the sheets. "Perhaps," he whispered as his eyes stared towards the ceiling. "I'd like that, to have you here with me," he admitted, slowly turning his eyes back. Yunho's face showed an encouraging smile that Jaejoong returned, before he suddenly sat up. He looked around the room, but then, after a minute, he fell back again.

"Where are we anyway?" Jaejoong asked slowly as he sat up to scan the room as well. He didn't remember go into such a big bed. Another one stood next to theirs. The room was nicely filled with furniture that looked rather expensive. On the nightstand next to Jaejoong were his weapons.

"In Mungyeong, Changmin said yesterday. I wonder where he is anyway."

Ah, so that was why Yunho was sharing a bed with him. Changmin had occupied the other one. And there was just a small sofa. Neither of them would have the space to lie down there. Jaejoong didn't really mind Yunho lying next to him anyway. To be honest, he liked it. He really was at times too melancholy.

"Can I ask you something? After we...seperated, what..what happened?"

Jaejoong looked away again. He couldn't bear Yunho's stare. Maybe because he was ashamed. Not of himself, but of what he did. He knew he had to answer, say something, anything. "I- I was involved, in an incident," he admitted slowly.

"What incident?" Yunho immediately questioned. "I mean, I never asked, you know, Yoochun why you were like this now."

"Yeah, it was actually Yoochun's fault. I was already working for the company, not how I work..worked now, but I did what everyone thought the company was doing, so that no one could accuse them of anything. And a co-worker, who..worked like me now, he brought someone in and I saw it. The man, if I remember correctly, had betrayed the boss who now wanted to question him and take revenge. He was able to free himself momentarily in Yoochun's office and I heard the yelling and walked in there to see what happened. I was worried really, but then I saw and heard..stuff."

"Stuff?" Yunho repeated surprised. Jaejoong met his eyes, his look seemed careful and tentative, but he continued anyway. "Yeah, stuff, they talked and killed, cruelly by the way. I hadn't known what was going on inside that company! I really hadn't. But then, suddenly, I did after that. Yoochun told me that he had watched me and was sure I would be good at their..training and all. But, to be honest, I think they just couldn't let me not get involved further by then. If I had went to the police I might have been a threat but instead of eliminating me, they recruited me." Jaejoong was silent after that. He had returned to staring at the ceiling as he felt a hand touch his.

Yunho turned Jaejoong to face him, his hand slowly, softly stroking over his cheek. "When Yoochun had told me about you..being a..killer, I was so shocked." A laugh escaped his lips. "But then, I started to worry. I wasn't the only one who had to fight every single day to survive. You were in danger, too."

Jaejoong frowned a little. "It's okay. I was never alone anyway. I was taken care of and my training was very..thorough." He remembered his first job. Even then, he hadn't had any reservation about killing his victim. He indeed had been trained very well. He had lost any feelings from which he had suffered before. It had been nice, a relief actually, at first at least. But now, he wished he would feel more. He wished he could return Yunho's feelings the same. Jaejoong still was capable of showing affection, but not love. That part of him had been totally erased from his heart. He wondered if maybe now, the other one could teach him again, like he did the first time.

A knock disturbed his thoughts. Jaejoong looked towards Yunho who got out of bed. "It's probably Changmin. Wonder what he's been doing," he said aloud as he quickly jumped into his old pair of jeans.

As he walked around the corner towards the door, Jaejoong decided it was time for him to get out of bed as well. He reached for his own pants and dressed himself before turning. He sat down on the bed again to fix his weapons on his body when all of a sudden, he heard a faint "no!" and the door was slammed open. Jaejoong jumped up in alarm. Just as he was fully facing the front door, he saw people run towards him. "Here's the police. Kim Jaejoong, you are under arrest for multiple murder."

"Hey, wait! What? What's going on?" Jaejoong backed away as one tried to get a hold on him. "Don't touch me!" he yelled as he punched the man in his face.

Two more came closer now, so Jaejoong showed them his weapons, warning them not to approach him any further. "That can't be," he exclaimed, his voice not as full of panic as he felt.

He couldn't see Yunho and he didn't know why the other one had let police officers in, either. How could he do that to him? Had Jaejoong been wrong? He knew about his perceiving skills, but was that not enough with Yunho?

"Weapons down, mister Kim!" a police officer threatened.

Jaejoong refused. Why would he let go of the only thing that stopped those people from taking him away? He was stronger then them. He had had the best training of them all. And he wouldn't, couldn't give up. "Fight!" the black-winged kite shouted behind him, through the window. "Or run! But don't let them take you!"

The police officer repeated his warning while pulling out his gun. Jaejoong was busy fighting another one and as he saw it, he quickly rushed along the wall to the window when something hit him in the upper leg. They had shot him! He hissed in pain and fell to the ground as his injuried leg gave in, not being able to carry his weight any longer. The policemen made quick work of him, snatching his weapons from him and handcuffing him. Two bigger man pulled him up and dragged him out of the hotel room.

At the door, he saw Yunho watching with wide eyes. An officer was holding him back at his shoulder. As far as Jaejoong could see, he wasn't in handcuffs. And neither was Changmin who stood next to Yunho. His expression was lacking any emotions, although Jaejoong imagined there to be a small satisfied glint in his eyes.

No one said anything. He could hear sirenes howl in the distance as he was led out. All, every damn emotion he had faguely felt with Yunho with him, was leaving his body. He was suddenly very aware of the blood running down his leg.

Coldness only remained. Coldness, and maybe a faint feeling of betrayal.

AN: Wooh, the end! I know, it probably was sudden, but I liked this much more than the one I had before that, and I though now was a good point to end this like I did. I hope you all liked it even though it was so weird.. >.< Thanks so much for reading and especially, a big thanks to you, kattan69 for always commenting. I hope this answered most of your questions.


( 4 comments — Leave a comment )
Jul. 3rd, 2015 06:39 am (UTC)
Thanks for answering most of it but still wonder why Min would go all the trouble in securing a room when he can just drive Jae to the police while he was sleeping in the car. And where is Chun? There is still a few missing gaps in the story and it is kind of short in the ending. Anyways, thanks for completing it.
Jul. 10th, 2015 08:21 pm (UTC)
thank you first of all for reading all the way through lovely :)
maybe, it was because he is actually a criminal as well as yunho, too. i mean, in my imagination at least, he didn't want to jeopardize them, so he played the innocent one and called as if he did it all for the police. also, jaejoong would have woken up in a panic seeing the police station! 'he had just killed someone and seen and heard the police search for the killer, so why would changmin bring him to a police station now? it would have been to dangerous!' that would be his thoughts and he would have run away probably, but changmin wanted revenge after all, so he needed to be sure he got it. yunho was also there, and he didnt want jae taken by the police either, he would have been devasteted and angry with changmin, but no, he doesnt know changmin did it.
and chun is just on the run. maybe alive, maybe not ;D (i dont want him to die, he is alive! :D)
i know and im sorry for the ending. but what now? i mean would you have a better idea what shall happen now? please tell me! :)
i would continue writing, but im awful with prison stuff. i have no clue how it is handled in korea. i tried looking it up, but didnt find the all information i needed..
Jul. 13th, 2015 11:43 pm (UTC)
Maybe instead of Jae escaping from the prison.....why don't you put that he escaped before the police can lock him up.....like while the police was transporting him to the station, he somehow managed to escape from the police custody.

And this time he is planning revenge by taking down those people who betrayed him...like Min and Yunho. Since Chun is still out there, you can make it that Jae found him to get information..his part in this story was missing...we still don't know his connection with Yunho. And later you would show Jae enjoy killing Min and a final showdown between Yunho and him...with both dying together.

Now that would end the story perfectly. What do you think?
Jul. 14th, 2015 11:27 am (UTC)
haha not bad :D it actually gave me some good ideas. i just hope i can write them down well enough ^^ thank you so much, i hope i can make this good enough for you!! for any other suggestions or just anything, tell me :D thanks so much for helping ^^
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