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Title: As Red Eyes Stare Through The Night
Pairing/Characters: YunJae, Yoochun, Changmin, Junsu
Rating: R
Warning: Character deaths (just minors..; do I need to warn for already dead characters?), Violence
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me except of the story idea.
Summary: Jaejoong was torn out of his own quiet world when he saw someone else take away a life for the first time. That was the start. Now, as he kills people for a living, he finds out more about his past than he had ever wanted.
AN: Just a short chappy. And a little..uh..cliche? expected? sorry for that.

After a five hour drive, they stopped in a small town.

"I think we are far enough away to get something to eat now," suggested Yunho as he pulled out his sunglasses. Jaejoong wore his beanie. Hopefully, no one would recognize them now.

The car ride had been quiet for most of the time.

The two got some ramen and ate it on a bench, still not saying anything. Jaejoong watched the black-winged kite circling above them in the sky.

"Want to go for a walk. I'd like to move my legs for a little while," said Yunho eventually after they finished. Jaejoong nodded and they strolled through the streets and a little forest.

"Where are we going anyway?" asked Jaejoong finally.

Yunho hesitated, before admitting, "I'm not sure yet."

Jaejoong just nodded and they continued their walk through nature. It was lovely. All the trees and colorful flowers made him feel as if he were in a completely different world, one in which he wasn't forced to run and kill. Deep inside, he wished he could stay in this dream world. He was okay with him and Yunho in this forest. He would get used to the other one, maybe they could get along again and talk about everything and just be happy.

"Jae, I think you should know something else. I didn't tell you everything." Jaejoong wasn't actually surprised at that when he was dragged away from his dream world. And actually, he hadn't counted on Yunho giving him all the reliable information anyway because he never did. He felt his dream world slip away, somewhere were he couldn't reach any longer.

"Typical of him," muttered the kite above, but Jaejoong was sure Yunho hadn't heard it.

"Back then when we broke up, I'm still sorry about that," said Yunho, but Jaejoong didn't reply. "The company I started working for, the HB, you were right about them. They did some hazy stuff. And that one time, I really got involved in a fight. I shouldn't have gone there for work."

Now, Jaejoong truly was surprised. As Yunho had told him about his new job back then, Jaejoong had asked him if the rumors were true. Yunho had denied it time and time again, even when Jaejoong had some suspicious findings. It was the reason they broke up in the end. Yunho wouldn't listen and Jaejoong didn't trust him anymore. "What made you change your mind? The last time, you were perfectly happy working there."

"You know what HB means?"

Jaejoong thought about it, but shook his head. "No."

"Han-Baek, the names of the owners. The Han family was one of the owners. I hadn't just seen Han Konu for the first time during our fight and when I...killed him. No, I knew him from the company. He was the CEO along with a friend of his, Baek Yejun. I shouldn't have gotten involved with them. I really am sorry, Jae. It wasn't worth it."

"Are you trying to save your past relationship?" Jaejoong asked with a laughter for truly, that was ridiculous.

"I, uh, I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry. I never got around to do that," mumbled Yunho.

"Okay, thanks for telling me then," Jaejoong said. His laughter stopped slowly.

Yunho gave him a small smile, eyeing him carefully. Jaejoong wished he would stop that. It made him feel nervous, so he quickened the pace.

"You know, sometimes, I wonder if you are blind," said Yunho suddenly.

"What?" Jaejoong turned around to glare at the other one as he continued to walk backwards now. "What did I do now?"

"Haven't you noticed it? Aren't you seeing it?" Yunho asked, but Jaejoong had no idea what he was talking about now. "No, what? Then tell me!"

"First of all, I'd like to tell you that on the way there is a turn now and I think there is also a steep slope you are about to fall down," announced Yunho with a loud laughter as Jaejoong stopped abruptly and jumped around, just to see that Yunho was right and he was indeed going to fall. At the last second, Yunho grabbed his wrist and pulled him back up on the way, still shaken from laughter.

"You!" Jaejoong blushed out of embarrassment. It was painfully obvious where Yunho was touching him and he couldn't even blame the other one, so he just muttered a "thanks," in the end.

"You're welcome," said Yunho while letting go to hold his stomach from laughter. "But I suggest you pay better attention to where you are going next time."

"He is right, though," the kite rasped from above them. He was sitting on a tree, his red eyes shining in the sun. Jaejoong had no trouble spotting him. Even his white and black coat was enough to make it easy to find him. "You shut up!" exclaimed Jaejoong while rolling his eyes. Stupid kite.

Yunho was slowly starting to get his laughter under control and said, "Just go forward from now on," with a wink of his right eye and another laughing fit. This time, the kite seemed to join in, as some strange cackling sound could be heard from the tree.

Jaejoong just ignored both.

"What were you saying anyway? What haven't I noticed?" he finally asked, because his curiosity was getting the better of him.

"Nothing. All good," Yunho answered, smiling. Jaejoong tried to get him to talk, but the other one refused. Eventually, Jaejoong gave up.

They walked for twenty more minutes, before Yunho suggested they return to the car.

"And what then?" Jaejoong asked as they made their way back. They still had no clue.

"I could call Changmin from a phone booth, or we could go to Busan and take a plane out of South Korea," Yunho offered, but both plans weren't really good. "I don't know either, Jae," he admitted then.

"But weren't you hiding for the last few years? You should know some places." Jaejoong deliberately didn't comment on Changmin. He still didn't like him. He knew it was right of him not to kill him, but that didn't mean they could be friends. After all, he had kept Yunho away from him for all these years. Actually, he was the starting point. He was the reason why Jaejoong was how he was and why he hadn't been able to fix his relationship with Yunho in the first place back then. He took a look at the other one. Somehow the anger left his body. It was just nice, to see him again.

"Yeah, well, I do, but I can't take you with me to those," said Yunho with a sigh.

"Why?" asked Jaejoong immediately. In the back of his head, he started wondering if he was a burden to Yunho. Maybe they should part ways now.

"Because your company isn't the most...loved there. And although you probably aren't going back there, they won't take us in."

"Oh." Jaejoong looked to the ground. The good mood left his body with one sentence and he felt sad. "It's okay, then. You hide there and I'll take care of myself. It probably is better when we part anyway."

"Jae, no, I can't leave you behind if you have nowhere to go," Yunho exclaimed, turning to face Jaejoong who avoided his eyes. "I can take care of myself, Yunho," he gritted out, his voice controlled with barely any feelings that would give his heart away.

"Honestly, Jae, we will figure something out."

Jaejoong met the other one's eyes, slowly, calculated, he nodded. He wasn't happy with the solution, but truthfully, he didn't want to be alone right now either.

Yunho gave him an encouraging smile and they continued walking.

In the town, Yunho went towards a phone booth and dialed Changmin's number.

"What are you doing?" Jaejoong hissed in alarm. He could guess, but he didn't want it to be true. Yunho didn't respond, so Jaejoong leaned closer to listen in.


"Changmin-ah, it's me, Yunho. I'm with Jaejoong right now, so I can't stay anywhere and we need to hide," Yunho explained but was interrupted by the other one. "With him? What do you want with that freak? Seriously, Yunho!"

"We-" Yunho stopped. Jaejoong watched him hesitate. Neither of them knew why they were with each other right now. They weren't together anymore. They weren't even friends. They just were strangers. Two people.

"Never mind, I'm near Daegu now. Do you remember the address, Yunho?" asked Changmin.

Jaejoong saw Yunho nod gladly. "Yeah, thank you, we're on our way," the other one said and hung up.

They went a few steps away and shared a look of relief as Yunho smiled at Jaejoong. They found something. He and Changmin would have to get to know each other better and get along, they had no other choice, but it was way better than nothing. "I know, you don't like it, but please, try to be nice. I mean, we'll have a bed and food and we'll be safe for now," Yunho tried to explain, his insecurity on how Jaejoong will react even showing in his smile.

Jaejoong returned it though as he reached for Yunho's arms, held him in place and closed the distance between them. Their lips met, carefully and soft at first. Yunho's surprise was quickly forgotten and Jaejoong felt arms wrap lightly around his back as the other one returned the kiss.


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Jun. 22nd, 2015 11:38 pm (UTC)
It would be nice if we have a chapter on their past...I'm still confused how did Jae get dragged and trained to be a killer after Yunho's death.

I find it strange Yunho wants Jae to get to know Min.....come on, Jae killed Min's mother. Wouldn't he wants revenge as well.
Jun. 23rd, 2015 04:55 pm (UTC)
well, i do have more to explain their past, but maybe i need to do more.. i mean, a chappy will come soon about it. i think about it, maybe it's not talked about well enough in there, so i might add some more :)
and hm, yunho is friends with min and he usually stays with him or some of his friends, but because he can't bring jae to the others, he had to go to min..and he didn't really want to leave jae behind after all ;D
though yep, whether min or jae like it is another matter altogether (no, of course they don't ^^)
( 2 comments — Leave a comment )