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Honor And Freedom [HaeHyuk] [2/?]

Title: Honor And Freedom [2/?]
Pairing: HaeHyuk, YeHyuk
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Summary: EunHyuk is the son of the king. He's going to get married to another prince but there is another thing. He's actually in love with a slave.
AN: Thanks for all the comment :) And I'm really sorry for the long wait. At least for me, it's long. Actually I'm faster with updating but I'm just so busy these days. I'm sorry again.

"Oh, nothing special. I just wanted to go to the town but my father didn't allow me to go," he lied with a fake smile.

DongHae nodded. He didn't understand why EunHyuk was that annoyed right now because his parents had forbidden him going on trips like that more than once, so what was the difference now, but he still kissed him gently.

EunHyuk pushed him away immediately. "Not right here," he hissed quickly.

DongHae just smiled. The prince was always like that.

"Come with me," he said and led DongHae to the big hall. He went directly to one of the soldiers to tell them that they would go to the town 'nonetheless'.

EunHyuk announced he would return by night and for his safety, DongHae would accompany him.

They even wanted to wear capes, so that no one would recognize them.

The soldier could only nod. He didn't dare to contradict. So EunHyuk dragged DongHae out of the palace.

"I thought you aren't allowed-" DongHae began in confusion but EunHyuk interrupted him. "I don't care. You know me. Since when do I listen to my parents?" The prince made sure to emphaze the part with my parents because he was still really angry at them.

DongHae sighed. EunHyuk could be very stubborn. The slave just shrugged helplessly. What could he do anyway? Hopefully, no one would find out and he wouldn't be punished for their little trip.

Although he constantly had to refuse the things EunHyuk's parents wanted him to do, he was always loyal to EunHyuk.

He loved the prince after all. He would do anything for him as long as EunHyuk was happy, so DongHae wasn't afraid to be punished. "My prince, where do you go?" DongHae asked and looked at EunHyuk expectantly.

"Don't call me prince when we're not in the palace!" EunHyuk hissed quietly and pulled his hood more down to hide his face better, before he turned to DongHae and did the same with his hood.

With a sigh, he let his fingers run down the slave's cheek. He looked at him, this time with a loving gaze and their faces closed the distance for a sweet kiss. Their eyes closed and this feeling of warmth and safety let EunHyuk's heart beat faster when DongHae put his arms carefully around EunHyuk's waist.

The slave had to admit, there had been a time where he had been afraid to touch EunHyuk because no one was allowed to touch him. But by now, it was okay for him. He never wanted to let go.

After their shared kiss, DongHae took a step backwards to observe EunHyuk's face carefully. How amazingly beautiful his smile was. DongHae fell all over again for him. He would never be able to stop loving him, so he hoped and prayed to never see him in someone else's arms. He would never be able to heal because even only the thought did hurt him.

EunHyuk took DongHae's hand and ran with him along the road to the town.

There, the streets were crowded with people who hurried around and bought some things or whatever else.

DongHae and EunHyuk passed some booths with many different things for sale. They stopped at a booth with jewels. EunHyuk's eyes were staring at a necklace with something like a diamond.

"Hae, look," he exclaimed and DongHae came to him to have a closer look at what he had found.

"Isn't this necklace beautiful?" the prince asked with shining eyes.

DongHae had to agree. This was really unique.

EunHyuk reached for the necklace in front of him but was stopped by a deep voice from behind them.

"What are you thinking you're doing? You surely have not the money to buy this! You wanted to steal it? Thief! Help!" The man started to shout for help but DongHae was quick enough to calm him down.

"You are right. I can't pay for this necklace, Sir. We'll go now," he said and pulled EunHyuk with him and back to the crowded streets.

Some cats were chasing after each other and dogs were sitting there, pleading with their eyes for food.

A few homeless people who weren't chased away yet, were around as well.

EunHyuk felt sorry for them because they had to fight for everything that he already had without worrying about it.

"Pri-EunHyuk, do you still stick to your decision? Do you still stay by my side?" DongHae suddenly asked.

EunHyuk didn't look at DongHae for he was observing their surroundings carefully. But he nodded nonetheless. "Of course. Why are you even asking?"

"I'm asking because you are a prince. I don't have anything to give to you. I'm just a slave, EunHyuk. I can't have you," DongHae explained with a serious but sad expression.

"Stop it, Hae. Just stop it! Don't say things like that. It doesn't matter that I'm a prince. I don't care. We have our love. That's the only thing we need," EunHyuk stated. He stopped walking and people who were walking directly behind him, crashed into him. EunHyuk stumbled but didn't fell. DongHae turned around quickly "What's wrong?" he asked in concern.

EunHyuk sighed. What should he do? His parents wanted him to marry another prince he had never met before. He didn't know what to do.

"Hae...," he murmured silently and all of a sudden, he hugged the slave tightly.

He quickly reacted and hold the prince up. He pressed their bodies tighter together while he kissed his temple gently.

"Stay with me no matter what happens," whispered EunHyuk with a desperate voice and DongHae nodded without saying anything.

Because he couldn't see the prince's face, he couldn't see his tears as well. The prince was quick to wipe them away before the slave noticed them.

"Hae?" EunHyuk asked. He looked with big eyes into DongHae's while loosening the hug.

"Hm?" DongHae looked back with his beautiful eyes and EunHyuk forced a small smile.

"Let's go home," he suggested.

DongHae nodded with a smile and kissed EunHyuk's cheek as a sign of agreement.

Hand in hand, they headed back to the palace. They didn't say anything because they thought of totally different things.

While DongHae was thankful for EunHyuk's love, the prince was worried. What should he do now? It was the only thing on his mind. He didn't want to lose DongHae but how could he stop the coming disaster?
Tags: donghae, eunhae, eunhyuk, super junior
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