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Cats Are Afraid Of Thunderstorms [SiChul]

Title: Cats Are Afraid Of Thunderstorms
Pairing: SiChul
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Summary: A storm is outside and HeeChul really can't sleep with the thunder.
AN: So this happenes when I sit with my cat and my sis in front of a window and watch a storm. I wrote this some time ago, but this is for luciuspuppy because she asked me to post some Sichul :) I'm sorry there is no actual storyline in this...

"Heebum, Heebum. Everything's alright. Come here," HeeChul says to the cat but Heebum is scared and so runs away to hide.

"Heebum, it's only a storm," HeeChul murmures, more to himself than to his cat now.

He goes to the window and looks outside into the darkness. The rain is falling heavily against the glass.

Suddenly a lightning flashes. HeeChul tenses and waits for the following thunder but when it comes he jumps up in panic nonetheless. His heart is beating fast. Another lightning brightens the sky and eventually HeeChul decides to stand up and leave his room.

The dorm is quiet. He knows it's in the middle of the night but he has thought that at least one member can't sleep like him. Well, he obviously thought wrong.

A loud thunder startles him. HeeChul shrieks silently and finally knocks on the door to SiWon's room. He opens the door and slips in.

"SiWonnie?" he whispers quietly.

Some minutes pass with HeeChul not knowing what to do.

"Hyung?" SiWon eventually asks with a sleepy voice and a shuffel is heard.

"Hmhm," was the only thing HeeChul says or more murmures. He doesn't know what to say or what to do but soon the next lightning flashes and brightens the room followed by thunder and SiWon immediately understands.

He gets up and walks over to HeeChul.

"Should we go to the living room?" SiWon asks in concern and HeeChul nods even though he isn't quiet sure if SiWon can see it in the darkness.

Nonetheless, the younger one takes HeeChul's hand and leads him to said room. There they sit down on the ground in front of the big window. SiWon puts a blanket around them while HeeChul presses his own body towards SiWon's chest.

Again a lightning brightens the room and SiWon tightens his grip on HeeChul.

They don't say a word for several minutes and just watch the storm outside.

All of a sudden there is a meow and HeeChul immediately reaches out for Heebum who just came.

"Don't be scared, my sweet kitty cat," HeeChul whispers in his cat's ear and takes his pet in his arms.

Some more minutes pass in which HeeChul's hand strokes through Heebum's fur and SiWon holds HeeChul. The older one repeats the words "Calm down. Everything's fine" to Heebum while trying to calm the frightened cat.

"You know I hate thunderstorms," HeeChul eventually states quietly with his eyes watching the sky.

"Hmhm, I know but you don't have to be afr-" SiWon is interrupted by HeeChul who quickly explained. "I'm not afraid! I just don't like it..."

"It's okay. You just have to respect it, not be afraid of it," SiWon tells his Hyung with a warm smile on his lips.

Although HeeChul can't see the smile, he feels it. He just knows it because he calms down.

"When I was younger I was very scared of thunderstorms though," HeeChul admits with a silent sigh.

"Me, too," SiWon simply says.

"But I'm NOT scared anymore," the older one states and feels SiWon's head nod against him.

Another thunder startles them and Heebum jumps up, clawing HeeChul through his shirt and runs away to hide.

"Aish, this cat. Hey, Heebum, everything's fine. Come back. Don't be afr- Ahhh!" HeeChul shrieks when another, much louder thunder is heard. He quickly turns in SiWon's arms and buries his face in the other's chest.

SiWon stays calm. He doesn't laugh because he knows he just will make HeeChul angry with that.

He only states: "It's okay. Cats usually are afraid of lightning and thunder."

HeeChul doesn't comment and just puts his arms even tighter around SiWon.

The younger one leans down to kiss HeeChul's head and his hand strikes through HeeChul's soft hair to calm him down until he finally falls asleep in the early morning.

LeeTeuk is the first to wake up and walkes into the living room. He smiles when he sees HeeChul cuddled up to SiWon and he's relieved they both were sleeping peacefully because he knows just too well how afraid HeeChul really was of thunderstorms.
Tags: heechul, sichul, siwon, super junior
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