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Title: As Red Eyes Stare Through The Night
Pairing/Characters: YunJae, Yoochun, Changmin, Junsu
Rating: R
Warning: Character deaths (just minors..; do I need to warn for already dead characters?), Violence
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me except of the story idea.
Summary: Jaejoong was torn out of his own quiet world when he saw someone else take away a life for the first time. That was the start. Now, as he kills people for a living, he finds out more about his past than he had ever wanted.
AN: I'm feeling somehow very insecure about this fic, so all your comments meant so much to me, thank you, you made my day <3

The harley was parked in a town nearby. Jaejoong had rented a room there, too. Everyday, he went up to the mansion, discovering and planning more and more. A week went by before Jaejoong was finally sure he could do it.

It was almost midnight when he reached the mansion. His black clothes made him almost invisible in the dark of the night. He knew where the cameras were and had no trouble to disable them with some systematic shots. The mansion was big. He would go in from the right side. There were almost no lights outside and the main power supply line went through the first room there.

He took a few steps back, checked his gun, which was still in place, and ran towards the high fence. He was trained enough, so without much difficulty, he pulled himself up and over it, landing in the soft grass on the other side. He was close enough now to disturb the radio waves of the alarm system. Pulling out a little device which send those waves itself, the only problem was to find the same frequency. It took Jaejoong about three minutes to adjust everything, so that the first part of the security system was disabled. Only a wired part was left which could be cut off with the power itself.

Jaejoong tiptoed to the big windows of the room where he could do just that. He needed to be quick though. He had only a few seconds before the broken window would cause the alarm to go off. He looked inside and was relieved when he found the main power cable come out of the floor at one point.

With a quick stab to the window with his gun, he climbed inside and slid over, his knife in hand. A fast slice and the cable broke apart with a short fizzling noise. Immediately, all the lights went out. Jaejoong collected his two weapons before opened the door. It led to a big floor. He turned around and shot a bullet into the lock, that way it couldn't be opened as quickly. It gave him more time, when no one could reach the room with the power.

Then he started to run. He needed to find a small red box. Although he didn't know what it contained, the photo Yoochun had given him showed that there should at least be a map and ammunition inside. He had studied the mansion's structure the last week, making it relatively easy to find his way to the stairs and on the upper floor.

"I see what happened. I'm sure it's just a power outage. Don't worry, miss Shim," someone said. A door was opened, causing Jaejoong to quickly press himself between the wall and a statue. The man didn't notice him as he walked swiftly along the hallway, flashlight in hand.

Jaejoong waited until he was sure that the man was gone. His top priority was the box. He could take care of miss Shim later on, he thought as he proceeded.

He was sure it was in one of the top floor's rooms. There were eight. He quickly entered the first, leaving a big mess behind as he searched through all the cupboards, drawers and other chests. Nothing. Next room. The darkness made it difficult. He wasn't as quick as he had hoped to be. The moon wasn't full yet and his flashlight lit only a small part up. The search in the second room wasn't successful either, so he continued down the hall when he heard yelling and shouting from downstairs. They had found out that someone had broken in, he guesse, meaning he needed to hurry.

Rushing to the next room, he was surprised to see the window open and something red and white shining in it.

"It's in here, I'm sure," the black-winged kite said. His red eyes reflected the moon. He looked dangerous in the dark, but Jaejoong wasn't afraid. He knew the bird by now.

"Okay," he whispered and started searching. The second drawer he had opened contained a red box.

Jaejoong grabbed it and put it on a desk nearby. He pulled out the photo and lit it up with his flashlight to compare. It looked the same. He tried to open it, but it was locked. "Damn it," he muttered as he returned to the drawer. Usually, people hid their keys in the same room, not far away from the lock. He tore the third drawer out, rifled through it, and started on the fourth.

A framed picture was laying over most of the content. He was just about to throw it to the ground when he recognized one of the people. It was a family portrait. Shim Changmin was sitting in the middle on a chair, smiling at the camera. Anger rushed through Jaejoong's veins at the sight and he threw it to the ground with all his might. The glass shattered and the frame broke.

"I'll kill him," left his lips as the startled kite came closer out of curiosity. He didn't say anything though after he saw the photo.

Jaejoong turned back towards the drawer and a little satisfaction filled him as he saw the key. But his eyes fell on something else, too. A ring. He picked both up , but his attention belonged to that silver ring.

"This ing- I kill him. He's already dead! I ing kill him," he started to mutter to himself, while walking towards the red box. He stashed the ring inside his jeans pocket and opened the red box. A paper, probably the map, and ammunition. Everything that needed to be inside was there.

Jaejoong put it into the inside of his jacket before hurrying out of the room and back to the stairs, the kite following him.

"They know you are here. Someone's coming. Hide," it whispered no second too early. Jaejoong cowered in a corner and let four men pass. They were on their way up the stairs from where Jaejoong just came.

"Don't," hissed the kite with a look into Jaejoong's eyes, but the man was already up and behind the last of the four. A hand above the mouth, the knife cutting through the throat. The first victim sank to the ground before any of the others even knew about it. Jaejoong was quick to take out the second one the same way. It was then that the last two realized that something had happened and turned around, but it was too late for them, too, because Jaejoong's gun was already pointed at one of the faces. The man fell with a thud.

The fourth grabbed for his own gun, but Jaejoong was too quick. One pull at the trigger and four bodies scattered the floor.

"Now hurry up, you fool," the kite grumbled and started flying towards a door, where miss Shim had previously been behind. Jaejoong was quick to follow. No sound came from within, so he opened the door.

It seemed empty. Jaejoong walked inside anyway. He had to check. He would kill the whole family in here. He just needed to find them.

"No one's here," the bird whispered next to him, but Jaejoong ignored him. The adrenalin made his anger feel even more lively, more true, he couldn't leave. The room also had another door. He had to check there, too.

Jaejoong made quick work of the room, scanning every corner, but he truely was the only one in here. He strode towards the other door, gun in hand and ready to shoot. Nothing could be heard from there either. Nothing could be heard in general. Dead silence.

Jaejoong grabbed the door handle, but it was locked. Without thinking it through, he kicked the door in. It shattered under his power. He was just about to climb through the mess when a shot was fired. He was pushed back, the wood of the door fell above him and pain spread through his body.

"Jae!" rasped the kite in panic.

A groan left Jaejoong's lips. He felt dazed and numb. Foodsteps could be heard, someone was approaching him.

"Get up, Jae! Don't just lie there. You're going to die!" The bird's voice was close to his ear.

Jaejoong pressed his eyes together and tried to regain control over his limbs. It mostly worked. He could feel them at least, though he wasn't sure if they'd obey him just yet. But by now, he had figured out what had happened. The pain's source was his left shoulder.

The person was almost standing above him by now. This was his chance. He focused all his energy into his muscles and kicked out with his leg, hitting the person's feet and causing them to fall down as well. Jaejoong dug through the pieces of the broken door and immediately cut the other person's throat.

He got up afterwards and jumped over the wood on the floor, his gun in hand, pointed forward. He was met with a woman, a feet shorter than him, a gun in her hand as well.

"Don't come closer," she shouted, her voice was strong for someone who had just witnessed a murder and was now threatened, too.

"Gun down. Are you miss Shim?" Jaejoong asked, taking a step towards her.

The woman didn't reply or obey. "Don't come closer!" she warned again, more insistingly this time.

Jaejoong took another step. One step too many, because the woman had enough and pulled the trigger. But Jaejoong had expected that and before she had even shot the bullet, he was down on his stomach and rolling towards her, sweeping her from her feed just like the other person before.

She tried to catch herself before hitting the floor, but it was too late, Jaejoong aimed and shot. Dead.

He stayed down and listened for any other noises. Nothing.

"Get up, now," the kite told him. Jaejoong sat up and took a good look at his shoulder and the blood that was running down his arm. The pain became stronger. "," he muttered as he tore a bit of clothing from miss Shim next to him to bandage his wound as tight as possible.

Afterwards, he pulled himself up with the help of a desk nearby. He was breathing heavily from the pain and struggle beforehand.

He stumbled through the broken door and the other room back into the hallway. The silence was deafening, causing him to run down towards the front door. It didn't matter where he went now. No one was left in here it seemed and the exhaustion from the blood loss started to make every move more difficult.

He had almost reached the front door, when it was opened from outside. The brightness of headlights blinded him, literaly making him look like the so-called deer, unable to move. He could barely make out two people standing in the doorway.

"What did you do?!" one of them screamed. They could probably clearly see him and knew that he didn't belong here due to the lights, just as Jaejoong could only recognize two dark frames.

Jaejoong heard a gun being loaded. It was all he needed to hear to sprint towards his left and run for his life.

"Wait, don't shoot!" he barely heard the other person yell and to his surprise, he wasn't stopped. Steps followed him, trying to catch up with him. They almost had him. He had no other choice but to break down another window and flee.

Even with his injuried shoulder, he was able to climb a tree fairly quickly from which he could reach the fence and jump to the other side.

Only after five more minutes of running, he stopped to catch his breath and listen. Relief washed over him as he heard no other foodsteps, no other breathing, just himself.


Jaejoong turned the ring a few times around on his left ring finger. The silver shine made his heart ache and overflow with anger. A little engraving was inside it. Jaejoong remembered it from the times he had taken it off of Yunho's finger. He remembered Yunho telling him about how important the ring was to him because his mother had given it to him. Jaejoong couldn't let it stay with the Shim's.

A sigh left his lips as he looked up, eyeing the red box which was placed on a small desk of his rented room.

"Look inside," a voice a mere inches away from his ear whispered.

"No. I made sure that the map and the ammo was still inside and that's it. I'll bring it to Yoochun," replied Jaejoong, his face reflecting the indifference he felt towards it.

"Aren't you curious why the boss shouldn't know about it?" the black-winged kite asked. It flapped his wings and made his way towards the desk, lowering itself with a chirping sound and tapping on the box. "You deserve to know what you risked your life for this time."

Hesitance could be seen in Jaejoong's face. He felt that the bird was right. He had risked his life in such a difficult mission and for what? "That's no concern of mine."

The kite turned his head to the right side, his red eyes almost glaring at Jaejoong's. He was challenging him to come over to check it out. "You know Yoochun doesn't want the boss to know, right? He wouldn't have been so secretive otherwise. He explicitly said that you should call him and not the boss. It's suspicious."

Jaejoong watched the bird for a few moments more before he finally got up and walked towards the desk. The kite immediately jumped down on the wooden surface. "I really shouldn't," the man muttered just as he reached for the key in his pocket and unlocked the box.

They peeked inside curiously. With his right hand, he emptied everything on the desk and sank down on the chair next to it.

"A map," he said as he unfolded the paper. His eyes widened in wonder as he saw what kind of map it was. "Look at this. It's the Blue House. For what does Yoochun need a map of the president's residence? Why did the Shim family even have it?" On the map, there weren't just all the rooms and floors, but small notes, too. Some letters, Jaejoong couldn't tell what they meant, and ways were marked.

"Strange, it is," mumbled the kite thoughtfully.

After a few minutes, Jaejoong put it aside to examine the ammunition. He shifted and turned it around in his hand. "I haven't seen those before. Have you?" he asked with a frown.

"Seems like some rare stuff."

"Yeah, and it's very solid. Maybe for a sniper rifle. I wonder what's inside though. It's weird." Jaejoong set it aside as well and reached for the last piece. An old photo. And to his shock, he recognized the person on it.

"Isn't that-?" the kite started, but even it was petrified.

"It's me," Jaejoong whispered. "How?" His voice was weak. His head couldn't process what and why. The photo showed him, just his face, smiling. His old self. It reminded him of years ago. When he hadn't been so lonely. When he had had him with him. When he had had Yunho.


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Jun. 5th, 2015 01:17 pm (UTC)
Strange...why they kept Jae's photo...mmm....
Jun. 10th, 2015 12:16 pm (UTC)
Yeah, i know, everything is strange there :D
and honestly thanks again for reading and commenting ^-^
Jun. 5th, 2015 11:16 pm (UTC)
I am even more intrigued. And the Blue House? Double intrigue.
Jun. 10th, 2015 12:18 pm (UTC)
haha yeah, it's definitely something big, huh? :D
thank you so much for reading and commenting <3
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