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One-shots and drabbles:

A Good Day For A Walk, Right?
KangTeuk; SiChul; kid!EunHyuk; kid!DongHae; kid!KiBum; kid!HanGeng; kid!SungMin; kid!KyuHyun; kid!ShinDong / G
LeeTeuk and KangIn go out with seven kids for a walk, regretting already that they said they would take care of everyone. Because suddenly all the kids were missing.

Break Up
SiChul / PG
SiWon's and HeeChul's break up that's not really a break up anyway.

Birthday Search
SiChul / PG
HeeChul wakes up in the morning. He's so excited because it's his birthday but no one is home to congratulate him. Not even his SiWonnie.

Cats Are Afraid Of Thunderstorms
SiChul / PG
A storm is outside and HeeChul really can't sleep with the thunder.

Cold Day
SiChul / PG
It was a cold, rainy day when HeeChul finally finished his schedule. But at least there was SiWon who would turn his bad day into a good one at the end.

SiChul / PG
SiWon is acting strange on their concert and his members are worried.

Crack To A Better Family (Sequel to In This Moment)
SiChul / PG-13
Keeping their family life going on is very tiring, but even harder is it when their daughter doesn't even want to accept she now has a brother.

Does True Love Exist?
RyeoWook-centric; YeWook / PG-13
Does true love really exist? RyeoWook never believed in it. Until he met him. Everything changed. Now after so many years he wondered once more.

Drabbles #1
YeWook; KyuMin; EunHae / G~PG

Drabbles #2
SiChul; KyuMin; HanBum; HanChul; YeWook / G~PG

EunHae Is Real
HaeHyuk / Nc-17
EunHae is real, and DongHae is very determined to prove that to his lover.

Giving In To Love
SiChul / Nc-17
SiWon convinces HeeChul that going to the park at night is fun.

Hard Work
SiChul / PG
HeeChul hates his work. But his mind suddenly changed when he went to a cafe for in his lunch break.

HeeChul Is Mistaken
SiChul / PG
HeeChul has promised to tell SiWon something important, but the older one is too afraid to lose SiWon, so he backs off, SiWon thinks.

HeeChul's Black Collar
SiChul / Nc-17
As soon as he sees the black collar around HeeChul's neck, SiWon already knows what is going to happen in the evening.

I'll Be There
SiChul / PG-13
HeeChul has dreams like everyone but he doesn't know his place in the world. So he tries to find it and leaves SiWon.

If You Are With Me
SiChul / Nc-17
HeeChul hates being ordered around, especially by LeeTeuk because he knows that SiWon would follow their leader's orders and it annoyed HeeChul if he wasn't the one to demand.

In This Moment (Sequel to Just Before)
SiChul / PG-13
It's finally the day, HeeChul's and SiWon's child will be born.

It's Late
KyuMin, YeWook, EunHae, KangTeuk, SiChul + ShinDong / PG
It's New Year and already late when Super Junior arrives at their dorm.

Just Before (Sequel to The Line Between Destiny And Chance)
SiChul / PG-13
How HeeChul and SiWon spend their day together while HeeChul's belly has grown a lot already.

Just Wait And See
SiChul / G
HeeChul is annoyed because SiWon didn't pay attention to him.

Like A Flower
SiChul / PG
HeeChul is bored as hell because the Super Junior M members were in Taiwan and even all the other members were out due to their schedule. Only HeeChul was left alone.

Like Shadows In The Nights
SiWook / PG
At day they exist. Only at night they can really live.

Lonely, Forgotten, Lost (Prequel to Precious, Comfortable, Loved)
HanChul / PG-13
How HeeChul feels after a few month after HanGeng had left Super Junior.

Love Again (Sequel to One In Two)
SiChul / PG
It's hard to move on after a break up...but maybe he didn't have to after all.

Love Changes
KyuSung; MinWook; YeWook; KyuMin / R
Love can change quickly

Lover's Mess
KyuMin; HanBum; SiChul / PG
KyuHyun and SungMin just wanted to spend a nice day, walking around on the Christmas market when they meet HanKyung and KiBum, having a serious conversation.

SiChul / R
It's dangerous to drive while being drunk. SiWon and HeeChul had to learn it a painful way as well.

Missing It
SiChul / G
There was something missing, for SiWon as well as HeeChul.

My Heartbeat
SiChul / G
It’s early in the morning and SiWon can hear his heart beating faster.

No Shame
SiChul / Nc-17
While all the Super Junior members are watching a movie, SiWon is horny and convinces HeeChul to do it right away on the couch.

Not Anymore
SiChul / PG
Love is to support the other and give him the best life you can.

EunHae / PG-13
When love turns into obsession.

One In Two (Prequel to Love Again)
SiChul / R
He knows his boyfriend doesn't treat him right, but he could never break up with him. He needs him too much. He won't survive without him, he thinks.

One Red Rose
SiChul / PG-13
SiWon comes back with a rose for HeeChul. The only thing is that HeeChul isn't quite happy about that.

One Sweet Kiss
SiChul / PG
HeeChul loves SiWon's lips. He loves to kiss him and SiWon is happy with that, too, isn't he?

Oppa, Look!
SiChul / Nc-17
HeeChul is drunk and SiWon is chosen to take care of him, against his will, because in fact, after some previous experiences with his hyung, he's rather scared of him now when they're alone.

Precious, Comfortable, Loved (Sequel to Lonely, Forgotten, Lost)
HanChul / PG
What happens when HanGeng comes back to visit Super Junior and HeeChul?

Royal Bluebell (Sequel to The End Of The Circle)
SiChul / PG-13
HeeChul and SiWon arrive at the younger's favorite place.

Say It Already
KangTeuk / PG-13
KangIn is in love with LeeTeuk, but is afraid to tell him straight away.

Scratch Me
SiChul / Nc-17
SiWon comes to stay at the dorms for the night. HeeChul is surprised but more than pleased.

SiChul / PG-13
HeeChul is sick and so, he appoints SiWon as his personal slave.

Tell Me Why
SiChul / PG
SiWon is confused and just can't understand HeeChul

The End Of The Circle
SiChul / PG-13
SiWon and HeeChul are sitting in a train, when SiWon recalls their memories.

The Future
HeeChul-centric; SiChul / PG-13
Thoughts about the future and what will happen - or not happen.

The Man Next To Him
TeukChul / PG
"Why can't you just give in for once and come with me? You never come with me to the city. I would have invited you for a cup of coffee or something," LeeTeuk murmured sadly to himself, thinking of his boyfriend.

To Show Your Love
HanBum; YeWook; EunHae; SiChul; KangTeuk; KyuMin / PG-13
Even little things can express love.

Whose Loneliness
SiChul / PG-13
SiWon doesn't want to spend Christmas on his own. Suddenly, he meets the one he has always loved, once again, so maybe he can change it this year?

Wolf And Sheep
KyuMin / Nc-17
From strangers over best friends to lovers. That was at least what SungMin had thought after he had met KyuHyun in a club.

Worth A Life
SiChul / PG
HeeChul and SiWon are at the beach on their day off. SiWon goes to get them some drinks but when he returns, HeeChul isn't there anymore.

Two-Shots and Chaptered Fics:

A Photo With Consequences
SiChul / PG-13
Just one photo can change a whole relationship. It sounds weird but SiWon and HeeChul had to experience how bad it can turn out when there was just one photo that showed them closer than everyone knew.
Complete / 1 2 3

SiChul / R~Nc-17
One wrong decision can take you to hell. This is what many students have already experienced. All of them have disappeared. No one knows anything about them anymore. But someday, someone is going to find out, right? If it's still possible...
Complete / Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25-A 25-B 26 27 28 29 30 31-A 31-B Epilogue

SiChul / R~Nc-17
It was a cold day and SiWon was crying thinking it can't be any worse. That's when he met someone just as sad. But comforting isn't that easy as well.
Complete / Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28

Honor And Freedom
HyukHae / PG
EunHyuk is the son of the king. He's going to get married to another prince but there is another thing. He's actually in love with a slave.
Complete / 1 2 3 4 5 6

How Do I Say 'I Love You'?
SiChul / PG~Nc-17
SiWon and HeeChul are happy in love but then SungMin comes in the city. SiWon and SungMin know each other already. Will it be okay for HeeChul to share his SiWon because SungMin is still SiWon's best friend? Will something change between the couple because of SungMin? What will SiWon do then?
Complete / 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

SiHanChul / PG
SiWon loves HeeChul. HanGeng loves HeeChul. But HeeChul doesn't want a boyfriend. Then he gets one of his great ideas to make them happy.
Complete / 1 2

Quit Living On Dreams
SiChul / PG~Nc-17
His life isn't worth anything until he gets to know this mysterious man. No one understands their love. When they ran away together, he is reported as kidnapped.
Complete / 1 2 3 4 5

SiChul / PG-13~Nc-17
HeeChul can't pretend being in love with SiWon if this aren't his true feelings. He wants more than just cuddling, but SiWon isn't ready. So HeeChul threatens to break up.
Complete / 1 2 3 4

The Line Between Destiny And Chance (Sequel to The Line Between Prejudice And Truth)
SiChul / PG-13
SiWon decided to take good care of HeeChul and his daughter, but he doesn't know what will come with that, so will he be able to keep his promise over the time?
Complete / 1 2 3 4 5 6 7+8+9 10+11 12 13+14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31+32 33 34 35+36 37 38+39 40 41 42 43[Special]

The Line Between Prejudice And Truth
SiChul / PG-13
SiWon moved with his family to another city with another school and other students. Students that have no line between prejudices and the truth.
Complete / 1+2 3+4 5+6 7+8+9 10+11 12+13 14+15 16+17 18 19 20+21 22+23 24+25 26 27+28 29 30 31 32+33 34 35+36 37+38+39 40 41 42

100 Fics Challenge:

KangTeuk / G
KangIn is trapped in the room, in the world and in his body. He needs help. And after he waits long enough he receives it.

#005.Who's Now Overworked?
WookBum / PG
RyeoWook and KiBum aren't sure who is really overworked after all.

#009.Don't Be Shy
HaeHyuk / PG-13
One day, DongHae meets EunHyuk, a waiter. He falls in love with him, but his friends misunderstand everything.

#012.Black Rain
KangChul / Nc-17
HeeChul is chained to a cold wall, trapped in a dark room, hoping to be safed. One day, it suddenly all changes when he thinks, he's free once again, but things aren't as they seem to be.

CinHae / G
HeeChul's home is with DongHae.

#015.I'm Not Okay
HanChul / Nc-17
HeeChul is dumped, but he is always the one to be standing in the end. He won't be the one suffering.

#023.Forget The Unforgetable Pain
YeWon / PG
There is this special bond between them. They act strong but with each other they show their pain. They share it.

#024.The Song
KyuMin / PG
KyuHyun finds something very private in SungMin's room but can't resist to ignore it.

#026.Taking The Pressure Away
HyukWook / G
EunHyuk is really nervous. He can't take this much pressure but RyeoWook is there to help him although he himself thinks its pretty ridicolous to worry because of something like that.

#027.I Can't Lose You
KiChul / PG
KiBum knew it the whole time but didn't want to hear it from HeeChul. He was so scared of this conversation. But he knew he couldn't avoid it forever.

#031.Forever With Him And The Moon
SiWook / G
At midnight he was looking for this special person he loved.

HanBum / PG
HanGeng isn't sure if KiBum really loves him.

#035.Protect Me
SiChul / PG-13
HeeChul was waiting for SiWon's return but when he finally came back, it was different than imagined and it shocked HeeChul.

#050.The Bet - 1 The Bet - 2
KyuChul / Nc-17
HeeChul made a bet with HongKi: to top their bandmates. Of course, HeeChul tries everything to win.

kid!KyuWook / G
RyeoWook wants aliens to come and visit him.

#053.(Un)Faithful - 1 (Un)Faithful - 2
TeukChul / Nc-17
LeeTeuk and HeeChul are together, but can they stay faithful, when LeeTeuk has already a secret lover with whom he has to break up now and HeeChul still tends to go back to HanKyung for sex?

#077.Pure Vs. Naughty
MinWook / Nc-17
SungMin is angry with RyeoWook, not because of the performance, but because of RyeoWook's unsteadiness.

#093.Bubble Bath
TeukChul / Nc-17
It was a tough day for LeeTeuk and when he comes home, HeeChul is the only one there. So what will probably happen when they're alone?

SiChul / PG-13
A dreamer doesn't always have to be someone who dreams of hope and his better futur because this dreamer is drowning in his past memories.

#099.Decision Of The Apple
YeSung can't choose between RyeoWook and KyuHyun but SiWon has an idea to solve this, so that YeSung doesn't need to choose.

#100.My Heart Regrets
TeukChul / PG
While LeeTeuk thinks about their relationship and regrets some things already, HeeChul didn't even knew that he could regret because he could have made a wrong decision before.


Have You
SiChul / PG


One-shots + drabbles:

Until I Come
JongKey / PG-13
JongHyun's thoughts after KiBum died.

Two-shots and chaptered fics:

I'll Shine For You
JongKey / PG-13
Jonghyun and Key are happy in love, but then something unexpected happened.
Complete / 1 2 3